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We build information systems to find robust answers in sparse, unreliable and cluttered data – making systems that are useful in unusual circumstances. Projects have involved geostationary satellites, battlefield sensor meshes, car rallies, and even camels! 

Not your usual innovation…




Unusual Systems strongly believes that knowledge is power, and are partnering with GK Apprenticeships to provide a Level 4 apprenticeship in Cyber Intrusion.

Martin Hill

Lead Engineer

Experienced in a broad range of IT technical skills. Successfully delivered a wide variety of information systems from rigorous mission critical military and space projects to fast turn-around demonstrators. Pragmatic business skills established by leading teams to deliver projects on time and budget, winning bids and negotiating contracts.  

Now focusing on decision support: distributing information to decision makers that they can assimilate in time to usefully act on. 

Practiced in cavalry and infantry tactics, military radio, combat engineering and decision support analytical techniques with the British Army. Currently training analysts. Studies knowledge distribution at Cranfield University (the Defence Academy.)

Eva Rose

Research Assistant
Cyber Security Apprentice

Recent BSc Mathematics [hons] graduate with a place at Royal Holloway to study Cryptography and Communications MSc.  Delivered key survey of literature review techniques to the SBOK project, and continues to develop better knowledge searching practices. Provides the mathematic expertise for unusual papers such as the Trace Elements and the Lancaster Space Gun.

Planned and stewarded social events for up to 300 students and participated within educational festivals for upwards of 200 people.  Brought experimental training exercises into production. Develops short educational videos. Studying tactical information systems security.


Colin Beattie

System Administrator
Ethical Hacker

System Administrator and Ethical Hacker.
Comfortable down amongst the bits and frames; constructing Intrusion Detection Systems and network routing balancers under highly dynamic loads.  

Provides IT infrastructure support. 

Trains cyber security elements including delivering cyber ranges for practising attack and defence exercises. Drives the educational element of our cyber security exercises.