Finding robust answers in sparse, unreliable and cluttered data

Delivering information systems to support decision making in unusual circumstances
Giving your teams the knowledge to exploit their strengths

What Do We Do?

We build information systems to find robust answers in sparse, unreliable and cluttered data, especially in unusual circumstances. Previous work includes geostationary telecommunication satellites, car rallies, battlefield sensor meshes and even camel breeding! 

It Never Snows on a
Bridge Too Far

A Military Training Exercise

Searching the body
of knowledge

A collection of papers discussing rigorous search review techniques

Educational Cyber-Security Board Game

A collaborative decision-making and information handling exercise

Flooding Aid

A Practice Planning Exercise

Women Can't Park

Tackling Confirmation Bias

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Knowledge 4 Strength Collaboration

Knowledge4Strength are a group of academics, military analysts and commercial information systems engineers, who develop education materials to improve information quality in real-world settings.
Unusual Systems are proud to support and fund Knowledge4Strength projects

Completed Deliveries Overview

Ocado Warehouse Management Systems

Unusual Systems was tasked to upgrade legacy systems at Ocado’s Hatfield site. Daily scrums ensured that activities reduced technical debt and improved operating efficiency – in at least one case saving several thousands of pounds per week of recurring costs.

DSTL CLassified Catalogue

Unusual Systems brought online a C#/SQL-Server catalogue system to digitise, index, search and organise highly classified archives.

HMRC Data Analysis

Unusual Systems staff were tasked by Capgemini to add new large data sets and associated software to a week-long data pipeline managed by bespoke legacy web services. The upgrade was in use three months ahead of plan with little disruption to HMRC’s 6,000 analysts, giving them faster and more complete datasets to identify tax return inconsistencies and so increase revenue.

DSTL CLassified Catalogue

Capgemini tasked Unusual Systems staff to prototype a data warehouse based on Palantir’s distributed database. Search times improved in some cases from weeks to a few seconds, and the demonstrator underpinned the winning bid for the following multi-million-pound project.

Lockheed Martin Real-Time Sensor Monitoring

Lockheed Martin is a global security and aerospace company, and in 2011 was fulfilling an Urgent Operational Requirement to upgrade a Counter-Rocket, Artillery & Missile system to protect operating bases in Afghanistan. 

Unusual Systems designed and delivered monitoring software that analysed real-time sensor data using the DDS real-time messaging system. 

Situation Awareness

Battlefield Sensor Meshes

The British Army seeks to improve soldier’s awareness of the situation around them in environments where data is sparse, unreliable and cluttered. General Dynamics tasked Unusual Systems staff to lead research into possible solutions and deliver enterprise-level integration of tactical and strategic prototypes.

Battlefield C4ISTAR

The land battlefield is probably the most dynamic and complex environment in which to assemble and communicate useful understanding of the situation. Unusual Systems deliver research papers, prototype systems and operational systems to help control military resources and shape the land battlefield.

Astro Grid

Unusual Systems staff built data publishing, archiving and querying services that interfaced and integrated with other data processing services as a set of web services organised in a ‘grid’ as part of the UK AstroGrid contribution to the International Virtual Observatory.

Mission Critical Real-time Control Systems

Unusual Systems staff have delivered, supported and upgraded satellite control systems and other mission critical systems in the strongly constrained and rigorous delivery operations that these require. 

East Africa Safari Rally

Small Business Systems, the ancestor to Unusual Systems, delivered a bespoke software system to manage the leader boards for the East Africa Safari Rally.  

Camel Breeding

Small Business Systems, the ancestor of Unusual Systems, delivered a bespoke camel condition tracking and analysis system to support camel breeding at Ol Maisor Ranch in Kenya

Unusual Systems staff have worked in cooperation with:

Knowledge 4 Strength Collaboration

As part of our efforts to deliver robust, reliable and useful systems, we conduct research to improve the quality of our deliveries. We are in the process of publishing some of these research activities as white papers online. These cover a broad range of knowledge surrounding Astrophysics, Chemistry, Engineering, Mathematics and Information Control.

Determining the Route of Trace Elements Through Inter-connected Systems

A White Paper

The Lancaster Space Gun Project

A collection of papers discussing feasibility

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