Angela Dooley

Data scientist, visualiser and business intelligence analyst with considerable experience supporting military logistics and asset management.

Comfortable with creating workflows to find and clean data, extract and calculate suitable KPIs, and present the results clearly to managers and non-technical decision makers.

Chris Jennings

Specialises in work-based learning. Designs and delivers business and education research analysis. Critical realist in approach. Considerable report writing experience.

Colin Beattie

System Administrator and Ethical Hacker.

Comfortable down amongst the bits and frames; constructing Intrusion Detection Systems and network routing balancers under highly dynamic loads.

OS: VMS, Linux, Unix, AIX, Windows, ESX
DBs: SQL, Ingres, Oracle.
Networking: TCP/IP, Load balancing, IDS/IPS, Firewalls, Cisco, Satellite overlay.

Martin Hill

Established a broad range of technical skills by delivering software and consultancy to a wide variety of organisations, from small specialists to large corporations, for a wide variety of projects from rigorous mission critical projects to fast turn-around demonstrators.

Plenty of business driver experience from leading teams to deliver projects on time and budget, winning bids and negotiating contracts.

Paul March

Microsoft-certified engineer and Sharepoint specialist. Considerable experience in a broad range of applications and environments, from race cars to finance and small offices to server farms enabling several thousands of users.

Stewart Boughtflower

Experienced H&S Advisor. Specialising in barg gas environments (AGIs, PRS etc)

TechIOSH - Membership Number: 105376

AIEMA- Membership Number: 00165507

MIIRSM - Membership Number: 202133

Familiar with communicating across domain and organization boundaries to ensure regulatory compliance while maintaining effective and efficient workpractices.